AILTV which stands for AFRICANS IN LONDON TV, started as a simple idea to explore the progress of people of African origin who live and work in London and the rest of the UK. 

Africa has a long history associated with Great Britain. Africans have been coming to the UK for over 500 hundred years or more . Most importantly Africans came here as traders, diplomats, academics and so on.

The image of African people all over the world has been distorted and projected negatively through mainstream media and political propaganda.

It is important know that all tribes of 56 African countries can be found here in London and the reason is because of the British colonial ties with African nations.

Africans, like any other society in the world, aspire to do well and live a better life, but due to political turmoil throughout Africa, peace and stability has not yet been realised resulting in mass migration to western and European countries. 

Africa has a very high number of educated people. For example there are plenty of professionals including doctors, professors, aerospace engineers, teachers, lawyers, writers, authors, artists, business men and women, musicians

working here in London and Northern Ireland. Our duty is to profile these individuals. it is important that these people are known to the public.

Joseph Otieno Adamson BA [Hons] Audio Technolgy


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Africans living in London hold a unique position. It is believed that African nationalities including those colonised by the British,French,Portugues ,Germany and Spanish have settled here in London and the rest of UK and Ireland. It is also good to know that  not every African has a dark skin, there are plenty of white and asian people born in several parts of Africa especially in South Africa, Zimbabwe ,Uganda ,Tanzania and Kenya.

It is possible that London is unique in that every tribe from every nation from the continent of Africa lives here.

A simple guide of African countries and their flags

My background is music. I play instruments including bass, guitar, thumb piano. I can also play percussion reasonably well, produce and am also a sound engineer. Over the years I have recorded and produced over 20 albums for African musicians based in the UK. In the 80s, before coming the the UK, I was a musician in Kenya and was part of one of the biggest bands called The Mighty EarthQuake. During this time I recorded a song called Kutanga-tanga, one of the biggest hits in Kenya.The song was produced by an English producer by the name of Wayne Barnes. After the collapse of The Mighty Earth Quake band, I continued as a solo artist, which led me to doing jingles for radio and television adverts, music for films and programming synthesizers.

When I arrived in London I continued with music. I played with African bands such as Taxi Pata Pata and worked with many other artists. In the 90s I bought some studio gear and started recording musicians at home before setting up a recording studio. The recordings I made then still sound professional and impressive.

In 2002 I went to The University of West London [Thames Valley University] where I graduated with BA [Hons]2:1 in Audio Technology.

While at University I recorded classical music including a 45 piece orchestra, string quartets, mini concerts composed of Cello and Piano. In 2007 I worked at Passion TV as a sound engineer, vision mixer,video editor and sometimes produced TV programmes. In 2008 I established AFRICANS IN LONDON TV [AILTV].

AILTV is an online TV channel, which produces programmes about Africans or people of African origin living in London and the rest of the UK.

A brief introduction about me

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Tel 07541 252 009/0208 350 64 66


PhD MBA/MSc BSc (Hons) FAWB FCIM Chartered Marketer
Allam is the Founding President of World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD) and all its journal; Founding Director of Middle Eastern Knowledge Economy Institute (MEKEI), University of Brighton Business School and the Founder of Sudan Knowledge. In 2009 Allam led the Government of Abu Dhabi major and first of its kind in the Middle East Knowledge Management Framework (Musharaka). His work featured and archived by major international institutions and top universities 
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Temitope Olodo's  Profile: 

Temitope Olodo is an expert in Preventive Terrorism, Conference Speaker and author of many books including "Religious Security In Nigeria" and "Nigeria Family Emergency Plan". He is a security strategist and one of African foremost Diaspora Security Expert in Europe and subject matter expert in Boko Haram. He also holds a degree in LLB Law (Hons) and a Master Degree from London SouthBank University. He was the Founder/Past President of British-Africans In Government (B.I.G) a network of Africans working for UK Government. He is currently the Chairperson of Nigeria Diaspora Security Forum (NDSF). +44(0) 7466 55 99 66


Business Woman Founder of Kenya in The Park, entertainer and educator.

Business woman and co founder of Kenya in The Park
Solicitor at IPS Legal


Solicitor at IPS Legal


Director of TGS Counter- Terrorism & Organised Crime Dpt. Founder of Step In Step Out (SISO)

TGS experts bridge the gap between African & Western intelligence, terrorism , counterterrorism, insurgency, extremism, intelligence, conflict resolution.



Kinsi Abdulleh is a visual artist, editor, producer, curator and educator. She is the founder of NUMBI Arts and editor of literary arts magazine SCARF. Her work as an artist both visual and performative focuses objects found in archives, in daily life, imagery, text and print, audio and film.on languge, histories, archives and women’s voices... Developing Numbi open archive an on going research, weaving stories of resistance and building a space of resilience had been part of this journey over the last decade and so .. More here about our lovelyselfs